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Our qualified and experienced design engineers will provide you with best solutions to suit your needs and
our manufacturing specialists in each area will guarantee desired quality of your parts at the best price

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one supplier, one invoice, one delivery - no matter how complex your order is, you no longer need to contact different suppliers, because

Desired Quality

all parts ordered with us are made according to specification by the best specialists in each area, guaranteeing the desired quality of products

Low cost

manufacturing optimisation allows us to offer you highly competitive prices for our services

Short Lead Time

flexibility and simultaneous manufacturing allow us to significantly shorten the lead time on most orders

Among our clients

Why choose us?

On our design team we have only degree qualified Mechanical Design Engineers with strong industry experience, mainly in automotive sector. Our engineers have been involved in designs such as robot grippers and fixtures for weld applications, subassembly jigs and fixtures for assembly lines or packaging solutions. At Vario, we use SolidWorks Premium package for our design work, but since it is now fully compatible with other major CAD data formats, we can easily work with other file system, like an automotive standard CATIA, as an example.

As for the manufacturing, we are offering a wide spectrum of services to suit our clients' needs. Whether it is a metal fabrication or precision machining, we hardly ever have to refuse any job. The way our business operates allow us to achieve really short lead times on most of the jobs, and yet we can offer highly competitive prices. It obviously does not affect the quality.

We supply various companies from the industry, but the most renown client of ours is probably Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (the Car Plant in Swindon, UK), who's wide spectrum of needs properly represents our capabilities. We have been supplying them with various products, from fabricated transfer solutions (like engine carts or part storage stillages), through subassembly jigs for both Engine and Car assembly lines, up to highly accurate precision tooling for various equipment throughout the factory.

Design services


sound ideas

Our exceptionally bright engineers will present you great, often out-of-the-box, ideas for achieving the desired goal

3D Modelling

design and validation

Our team of degree qualified and industry experineced mechanical engineers guarantee simple, yet effective solutions


ready for manufacturing

Manufacturing services

Precision cutting

cutting edge technologies - sheet metal and 3D

You can choose between laser, water jet or plasma cutting in steel, aluminium, brass and many more not only in flat surfaces, but also in any geometrical shape


folding, bending, punching, pressing

CNC machinery allow us to offer various services


all leading methods available

Steel or aluminium products manually or robotic welded using MIG/TIG or arc welding method.

CNC Machining

precision machining

Milling, turning, drilling, grinding - modern machinery (also 5-axis) allow us to offer low volume to mass production parts at maximum accuracy

Polyurethane moulding

any shape or hardness

We can manufacture large volume of PU mouldings with or without metal inserts in wide range of hardness - from 60 to 95 Shore A


natural or something extra?

We can offer you various option for finishing your products - powder coating/paintg, galvanising, chemical blackening, chrome/nickel/zinc plating

Contact us

Quotation enquiries

For manufacturing enquiries we kindly ask you to attach both 2D drawings and 3D models (we accept all major CAD file types), but we also can work with a simple hand-sketch, if necessary.

Please do not forget to specify the required quantity and desired lead time, if crucial.

We will get back to you shortly!